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About Moira

Thank you for visiting my website. I live in Scotland but mainly photograph wildlife in Africa. My favourite places in Africa are Amboseli and the Maasai Mara.

I also love to travel to the polar regions and have been a regular visitor to the Arctic region of Svalbard. In addition, I’ve been on trips to the Canadian Arctic, Antarctica and South Georgia.

Like many, I started photographing wildlife by taking what I would now consider to be “record shots”. Gradually, I realised that I wanted to create images that would invoke the emotions that I experience when I spend time with these beautiful creatures.

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leopard sitting on rocks, mara north conservancy, maasai mara, kenya, africa
portrait hyena cub sitting looking back, mara north conservancy, maasai mara, kenya, africa
black rhino sonia close-up, lewa conservancy, kenya, africa

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Skyless Images?

I'm often puzzled by safari images posted online that have a small band of sky across the top such as the image on the right. The sky doesn't add any interest and is distracting. So I wonder why it is there. In many cases, it could have  been easily cropped out in post-processing, possibly by just using a different aspect ratio.

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Basics of Slow Panning

Slow panning is a technique used to capture a sense of motion in images. A slow shutter speed is used so that there is deliberate movement of the main subject during capture time. The trick is to move the camera at the same speed as the subject while you take the image so that some part of the subject is sharp.

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Resolving the Human-Lion Conflict

Wherever lions and humans live in close proximity, there will be some sort of conflict. Research has shown that there are many complex social, economic and ecological factors that have to be taken into account when trying to understand and find a solution to the human-lion conflict.

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