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About Moira

Thank you for visiting my website. I live in Scotland but mainly photograph wildlife in Africa. My favourite places in Africa are Amboseli and the Maasai Mara.

I also love to travel to the polar regions and have been a regular visitor to the Arctic region of Svalbard. In addition, I’ve been on trips to the Canadian Arctic, Antarctica and South Georgia.

Like many, I started photographing wildlife by taking what I would now consider to be “record shots”. Gradually, I realised that I wanted to create images that would invoke the emotions that I experience when I spend time with these beautiful creatures.

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front view of leopard walking on granite in maasai mara kenya
portrait of two lionesses lying with their heads together in maasai mara kenya
small leopard cub spotted peeking through bushes in maasai mara kenya
portrait of male cheetah in masai mara

Selected Articles

Resolving the Human-Lion Conflict

Wherever lions and humans live in close proximity, there will be some sort of conflict. Research has shown that there are many complex social, economic and ecological factors that have to be taken into account when trying to understand and find a solution to the human-lion conflict.

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Basics of Slow Panning

Slow panning is a technique used to capture a sense of motion in images. A slow shutter speed is used so that the animal moves during the capture time. The resulting blurring of the parts that move is what creates the motion effect. The trick is to move the camera at the same speed as the animal while you take the image.

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How to Build a Following on Instagram

It's a year since I started using Instagram and I now have over 11,000 followers. This is not exceptional, but it is a reasonable size of following given that I started from zero and have not invested a huge amount of time. So how have I achieved this?

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How to use Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags provide a way of labelling a post so it can be found by others. Without hashtags, the only users who are likely to see your Instagram posts are your followers. Unless you already have lots of followers, hashtags are necessary if you want your images to be seen and to build up your following.

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My Instagram 100

When I first reached 100 posts on Instagram, I started to ask myself whether it made sense to just keep indefinitely adding images. How many images would someone discovering my feed be likely to go back and look at? 20? 50? 100? More than a 100?

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Getting Started on Instagram

I outline the basic workings of Instagram with a view to getting you started posting images. First, it is important to understand what Instagram offers and how you can access its main features. Second, I will give some tips on what and when to post. 

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